“The Dock” Enterprise Academy – Transform Ideas into Reality

Our journey began at the Enterprise Academy, where student ideas are transformed into business realities. Thanks to the VCL (Venture Creation Lab), which was part of our university curriculum that focuses on entrepreneurship and leadership, we learned to develop our idea and passion for a Tea Shop to Event app. We followed our entrepreneurial passion into a market-ready pitch during 24 weeks. Whether observing everyday scenarios or interacting directly with businesses through door-to-door inquiries, we continuously sought opportunities to innovate and provide value.

During the post-university phase, we realized that working on ideas virtually with your team seems challenging as physical collaboration are important during brainstorming sessions and we feel the lack of mentorship and guidance on our journey. We needed a space, resources, and a community where we could thrive. That’s where “The Dock” comes in. It’s a fantastic co-working space hosted by York St John University, London Campus situated at just a minute away from East India Dock station, it helps startups like us get off the ground. It’s more than just a desk to work at; it’s about the feeling of working alongside others who are all trying to make their ideas a reality. It has the buzz of a university campus, with everyone aiming to push their businesses ahead.

At The Dock, the focus is on providing a affordable membership plans start at £160 plus VAT per month, which includes a personal desk, high-speed internet, and invaluable access to expert advice and guidance. Julius Ibrahim, our mentor at the Enterprise Academy, continues to inspire and advise us and other entrepreneurs at The Dock, alongside other seasoned professionals like Anita Nayer and Zoe Garshong. Their collective expertise is a critical asset for anyone beginning their entrepreneurial path.

Additional benefits such as mail handling, opportunities for personalized coaching sessions, and access to specialized equipment for prototype development further enhance the value of The Dock. These services are not merely amenities but integral components of a nurturing ecosystem that facilitates substantial business growth.

For those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, “The Dock” offers a gateway filled with hope and opportunities, enabling your ideas to flourish. We highly recommend it as an excellent first step into the business world, supported by the rich resources and community of York St. John University’s Enterprise Academy.


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