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Discover the unlimited potential of your business with CubeeQ Analytica. This innovative solution is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses adapt to new AI and machine learning breakthroughs, unlocking new possibilities and opportunities for growth.

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Advancing UK SMEs: Leading the Way in AI-Fueled Growth for Optimal Decision-Making and Business Success

Overview of uk Businesss in 2024

UK Business Growth:

In 2024, the UK hit 5.6 million private sector businesses, marking a 0.8% increase and showcasing a resilient business environment.

Small & Medium Scale Business Dominance:

SMEs are pivotal, making up 99.9% of businesses, employing 16.7 million people (61% of employment), and generating £2.4 trillion in turnover (53%).

Geographical Strength

Since 2010, the UK business population has grown by 24%, with small and medium-sized firms significantly contributing to economic vitality. Businesses are spread uniquely across the UK, with London and the South East leading, but all regions playing a crucial role in national economic health.

Innovation within a sector

UK businesses, particularly SMEs, excel in sectors like Tourism & Hospitality, E-commerce, construction and tech, driving innovation and competitiveness in the global market.

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What We Offer?

AI Powered CRM

Custom-designed AI models to streamline SME operations, offering predictive insights

Designed For Small Business

For Better decision-making and identifying growth opportunities
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Data Analytics

Offer analytics services that transform data into actionable insights,

Business Report

We help you create a report that reflects your business and shows your future direction
Case Studies

Website & Mobile App Development

Professional and functional website is essential for businesses to attract & retain customers.

IT Services

IT support and cybersecurity services are essential to ensure operations run smoothly and data remains secure
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Digital Marketing

Developed a Digital marketing startegy with us including content strategy

Graphic Design

Graphic contents speak louder than thousands of words.
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Why Choose Us?

We offer cutting-edge AI and generative AI solutions tailored to foster strategic growth, predictive analytics, and operational efficiency. With CubeQ, SMEs gain access to transformative strategies and technologies that ensure they are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic business landscapes of 2024 and beyond.

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Benefit from our round-the-clock technical support, ensuring your AI-driven business solutions receive expert attention whenever required, for uninterrupted performance and peace of mind